Outcomes 2008 August / September

Outcomes Magazine: 2008 August /September Issue
Formerly Christian Management Report

Thought Leader
Enhancing Yield
Peter Drucker on the impact of Christian nonprofits.
Bob Buford | Outcomes, Aug/Sep 2008
What Works: visionSYNERGY
Working Together—It's a God Idea
Trends in Christian nonprofit partnership.
Phill Butler, Dave Hackett, and Bill Sunderland | Outcomes, Aug/Sep 2008
Biblically Speaking
Called to Collaborate: A Kingdom Perspective
Christian Unity is the key to god's fullest blessing and provision.
David J. Gyertson | Outcomes, Aug/Sep 2008
Allies for Orphans
Christian Alliance for orphans joins hands to help 143 million orphans worldwide.
W. Scott Brown | Outcomes, Aug/Sep 2008
Sources & Resources
Should Your Nonprofit Partner?
Key questions to ask before deciding to collaborate.
Outi Flynn | Outcomes, Aug/Sep 2008
First Person
Cutting-Edge Partnership
When collaboration is a way of life.
Herb Kolbe | Outcomes, Aug/Sep 2008
Principles of Effective Collaboration
Christian unity and the Billy Graham crusades.
Sterling Huston | Outcomes, Aug/Sep 2008
Giving Back
Community Building
For this pastor, partnerships are priority.
Chuck Warnock | Outcomes, Aug/Sep 2008
Talking Leadership
Leading Like Christ
Campus Crusade's president shares why collaboration is key to the great commission.
Interview by Frank Lofaro | Outcomes, Aug/Sep 2008
Empowering People
Uplifting Tale
How to find your place in God's larger story.
Ron Wilson | Outcomes, Aug/Sep 2008

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