Outcomes Winter 2012

Winter 2012

Talking Leadership
Interview by Tami Heim | Jedd Medefind on how apprenticing to Jesus remakes your words and world.

First Person
Life's Storeroom
By Elizabeth Maring | Pursuing a God-given dream.

Facing the Future
Interview with Dr. Jerry White

World View
By Tina Ramirez | Perspectives on religious freedom and religious persecution.

Raising the Bar
A Balancing Act
By Kathy Mitchell | Weighing operations versus programs.

Interior Remodel
An Absence of Shalom

By Bryan C. Taylor | Peaceful investing in a turbulent world.

Sources & Resources
Book Discussion
Leading with Honor
Lee Ellis shares leadership lessons from the Hanoi Hilton.

Thought Leader
Integrity of Heart
By Dan Busby | Skill is important, but hearts guide hands.

Generation iY
By Tim Elmore | Equipping the future leaders of Christian nonprofits.

Biblically Speaking
Taking Timothy to Work
By Don Mountan | Preparing the next generation to lead.

WHAT WORKS: The Bridgespan Group
Developing Future Leaders
By Kirk Kramer and Preeta Nayak | Why your nonprofit needs a Plan A.

On the Horizon
By Jim Canning | Underlying trends that can impact your ministry.

What’s Your Big Problem?
By Steve Thomas | Fundraising in a cause-crazy world.

Digital Philanthropy
By Atul Tandon, Jason Miles, and Phil Schmertz | Emerging trends in giving.

Measuring Outcomes
By Paul T. Penley | Demonstrating the difference ministries make.

Protecting Religious Freedom
By Stanley Carlson-Thies | Trends that could affect your ministry.

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