Online Learning Academy

Resource Development
  1. Biblical Foundations of Development (CLAR101)
  2. Annual Funds (CLAR104)
  3. Growing Grant Income (CLAR105)

Internet & Technology

  1. Website & Social Media Ministry (CLAI102)
Marketing & Communication
  1. Fundamentals of Branding (CLAM101)
Financial Management
  1. Effective Financial Controllership (CLAF103)
  2. Day-to-Day Financial Management (CLAF104)
Executive Leadership
  1. Leadership Basics (CLAL101)
  2. Biblical Foundations of Leadership (CLAL102)
Board Governance
  1. Extreme Makeover, Board Edition (CLAG105)

Each CLA-APOU online module offers:

  • Highly experienced faculty
  • 10-hour in-depth learning
  • Ten weeks, approximately one-hour of course-time per week
  • Each session comprises five components:
    1. Inspiration
    2. Reading
    3. Presentation
    4. Discussion
    5. Reflection

Class Size Limits:

8 minimum / 30 maximum

Within the next three years CLA and APOU will offer modules at the basic and advanced levels in eight categories.

NOTE: It is recommended that you do not purchase study materials until May 6, when your module is confirmed.